Team Expectations


We want to be up front about our expectations for this club team:

  •  Practicing together is CRITICAL, when you register, you made a commitment.
  •  We encourage your sons to play other sports! However, all RI Bulldogs activities take precedence.
  •  Be on time, all the time.
  •  100% effort - to play lacrosse at THIS LEVEL, you must go above and beyond Bulldog activities. This means you should practice on your own!
  • Respect and listen to coaches.
  • We expect each child to be respectful, kind and competitive. kid. We don’t just expect good players, we expect good kids.
  • Good grades and behavior are reflections of who you are and who you strive to become.
  • Respect the club’s property; no littering, vandalism, etc., help take care of it, as it is for your use as well.
  • Set positive examples for the rest of the Bulldogs players, whether you know it or not, you will be looked upon as a role model by some.
  • No player is guaranteed a set amount of playing time. Game time is earned at practices and game performance.
  • A player can be moved to another team within our program at any time. Coaches and directors reasoning would be:
    • Player Development
    • Proper playing level
    • More game time reps!

Parents shall always conduct themselves in congruence with good sportsmanship towards teammates, opponents, referees, and coaches. Understand practices are just as important as games: Ensure players get to practice on time and ready to play. Any questions, concerns or complaints about the program shall be addressed to our Program Director - Cody O’Donnell (email: moc.s1716964193godll1716964193ubir@1716964193ydoc1716964193).

We respectfully reserve the right to dismiss any player from the program due to a code of conduct violation and/or disruptive parent or player.

If you decide that our organization is not a good fit for your son, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can offer the spot to one of the players on our wait list.

We are very excited about the talented group of players participating in our program and look forward to building great teams around your children!